Recently two great friends of mine gave birth to brand new babies.

Congratulations to both of the parents Roel & Yana Patterson whose daughter is Malaya Heaven  Patterson and James and Karen Bobick for their new daughter.

I am sure there are many more of you who are also welcoming young children in our world.

Many look outside and applaud our sunny skies, cool temperatures and thank goodness we are in beautiful sunny Southern CA.

Yet, we never know how many trees, parks and open space may exist. We just hope and pray it will last and be protected for when our youth grow up.

We know the mindset of corporations and never know which road they may take, or how it will impact our lives and how they may be changed.

We have seen the deregulation of the phone and all the opportunities which have opened up. The next big change is in energy. Warren Buffet has identified, “Energy deregulation is the biggest transfer of wealth seen in the last 23 years. It is estimated by 2020 all 50 states will have some form of deregulated energy.” @News USA

In addition, Dr. Clark, Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2017 has been recognized for his work on climate changes. He has authored five books on the subject and has a wealth of experience in technology and energy. “He projects the deregulation is central to progress in green power and energy-efficient technology? according to www.

Warren Buffet and Elon Musk are very interested in this deregulation of energy.

Energy deregulation is currently in place in 19 states across the USA. It is looking to expand next in CA, LV , and Florida. Japan who controlled all the energy is pulling out and forcing all the Japanese to find their alternative source.

Come out and learn how these changed may affect you and our future generation.

For our future kids  … make education and learning your best asset.