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by Rosalyn Khan | Random Acts Of Kindness Are Changing The World

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#Globalkindness #Going Viral is a show that features people and organizations helping co-create a kinder and more compassionate world for all of us. Our amazing guest tonight is Rosalyn Kahn author and public speaker on the power of kindness

Posted by Spirituality Gone Wild on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Rosalyn Kahn Interviews Linda Yates

Interview with Linda Yates for #LLewisProductions representing her new release #The Stranger by #RonLewis and #LaurieLewisWhitneyCome visit us @BookandGames in #WallaWalla Washington October 13th 11am -3pm

Posted by Rosalyn Kahn on Friday, October 12, 2018

Client Testimonials

“Rosalyn is an inspiring speech coach! She added sparkle and dimension to my speech that caused me to shine brightly in front of a 400 person audience. Her encouragement and suggestions brought me to a new level in public speaking.”

Debbie Dickson

Founder & President, Smith Dickson

“Rosalyn is highly passionate as a speaker and her message clearly resonates with audience on many levels.  She is a go-to Expert for enhancing your skills for public speaking and improving your skills with interpersonal communications.”

Chris Salem

Life & Business Strategist, World Class Speaker, Award Winning Author, Radio Show Host & Media Personality

“A genius when it comes to the art of presentation, I am recommending her to anybody that needs help in this area. She clearly has an excellent talent on how to take any idea and make it brilliant.”

“She can teach you how to sell an icicle to an eskimo.”

Andrei Doroshin

Executive Director, Invisible Sea

Fantastic radio show guest and great author as well as overall good human being. I’ve had her as a Guest and a Guest Star cohost on 2 of my different radio shows. She is one of my favorite people in this world she is so talented and ethical and hard working and very professional and trustworthy I see her becoming a huge star as an investigative reporter it’s an honor and privilege to know her as a colleague and now as a dear friend. Highly credible Prof. Kahn has a signature style as an author and a vast wealth of knowledge and inspirational experiences to share with the world. Finally she is an excellent public speaker and I could listen to her all day and her books I refer to often for a dose of inspiration.

Dr. Maryel McKinley

BBS Radio