Rosalyn Kahn

The Author. The Speaker. The Coach.

A Personalized Strategy Session for Public Speaking and Speeches

Have you ever had a public speaking goal you wanted to achieve, but lacked the steps to get there? If overcoming your fear is holding you back in giving a speech, I can provide a personalized strategy session and teach you through visualization how to master and transform fears into passion.

With my strong intuition, I help my clients see things they cannot see themselves. I have achieved the highest honor in Toastmasters, the Distinguished Toastmaster award, taught in Academia, coached, and spoke on several TEDx stages. 

My greatest gift is teaching you those skills to organize ideas quickly for your speech. One of my talents is listening to your subject and developing catchy phrases to tie it together. My intense curiosity helps define the key message of your speech. All the clients appreciate the time I spend getting to know them personally. This is beneficial to speech coaching by understanding the individual style of the client. A friendly easygoing style is complimented with direct communication. If you have something that needs to change, I will describe the action needed without sugar coating it to improve the entire message.

 As a professional networker, I will keep you in mind to introduce you to the best individual or organization that could take you to the next level. Do you dream of becoming a speaker on the TEDx stage? I can provide you the strategies, requirements, and restrictions to get on TEDx to achieve it. If you ever considered writing a book, I am not only an author, but can connect you to publishers, promoters and writing coaches.

Special interests: Dogs, health, wellness, reducing stress, visual arts, nature and fitness.

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Global Society of Female Executives. Presidential Distinction, Global Kindness Award for San Fernando Valley, Bronze Medal

Los Angeles Business Journal Women Business Owner

Women of Year – Assemblyman Adrian Nazarian

Toastmasters International DTM for earning the highest honor, Distinguished Toastmasters.



Women Award Women, Professor of the Year, entered in Hall of Fame

CD Wilson Red Jacket Award for May

Humanitarian Award Global Society of Female Executives

Book Signing Global Society of Female Executives

All Women Rock Global Calendar 31 Days 31 Women August 2021

Blue Sapphire Fashion Show August Nominee Inspire and Empower