Rosalyn Kahn

The book, "Dogs and Roses: How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Today’s Challenging Times", grew out of depression. In a discussion with my life coach, Daniel Tyler Pohnke, he asked what makes you happy?  I replied, “dogs and roses.” I absolutely adore photography and every dog became a candidate for the book.  The meaning of the name Rosalyn is: Beautiful; pretty rose. I have many fond memories of roses in my childhood home to my wedding dress with eyelet roses. I began to follow roses from Pasadena to Pennsylvania from deserts to oceans. The book includes: captions beneath the photos, facts on growing and pruning roses, and dog rescue centers across the USA. A portion of the profits are dedicated to a dog rescue for the military. I met a service man on a Ensenada cruise who explained the hardship of dogs with the military. Many service men are often unable to take the animal along with them and have to have them put down.  This story became the inspiration to give back. My father also served in the military as well.

A Message for Tomorrow’s Leaders came as a result in academia to retain minorities in the classroom. This was pre-pandemic, and my aspiration was to bring culturally diverse individuals in to speak to my students. Shortly thereafter, the schools closed, society came to a halt, riots, and protests exploded, and the pandemic revealed its path. All of this became a renewed focus for the book. I began with the career path of the individual and their advice to students. Later, the book evolved to examine the historical events currently unfolding. The book offers a collection of 46 essays from individuals from ages 12-88 from blue collar to the executive suite. Included are TEDx Curators, Grammy Award Singer/Songwriter Shane, Best Selling Author Eric McCoy, movie producer Andrew Hall , Men's Coach Chris Salem and a review by Syndicated Book Editor, Dr. Maryel Mckinley.

Co-Author of Amazon's Best Seller & International Best Seller “It’s All About Showing Up: The Power is in the asking” Robbie Motter. Forty-five motivational and inspirational stories. Rosalyn’s story is about suffering from scoliosis as a teenager. Book is published by Havana Publishing.

Co-Author of LinkedIn for Business Executives: Coaches, Executives and Trainers by Debra Faris.  Twelve Strategies to Transform your LinkedIn/, Make a Lasting Impression with Your Online Resume, How to Build the Right Connections to Get That Job, Engage or Not to Engage, Creating a Social Business. Rosalyn shares her story of being a TEDx Speaker.

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Dr. Cherilyn Lee  Wellness Advocate, Nu Wellness Health Care Center