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Fans from TEDx South Hills Show up TEDx Walnut to hear another talk.

From left to right:
Vivian Leung, Becky Wei, Jamie Chen, Vivian Tiet, Maverick Yang, and Amy Chiu


Here are some of our TEDx Walnut pictures.


Aileen Xu, Phil Chu, Rosalyn Kahn, Jin wong, Elaine Lu, Daniel Shin
IMG_1695                                    – ‘Tehrah Taylor and Rosalyn @Starbucks New York


arts 4 peace                                    – ‘Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016’ Announced in New Jersey
IMG_4701                                    – Health, wealth and Wellness Holiday Party


IMG_1219                                    – Photo from Ucla game


IMG_0046                                    – Armenian Veterans Day

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  3. Jefferson Kent

    Great ideas. Thanks for the information.

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