Rosalyn Kahn

Coaching & Professional Speaking

“A laser-focused message with the visuals to support your words leaves your audience with a lasting, positive impression.”

Professor Rosalyn Kahn:


Professor Rosalyn Kahn teaches Public Speaking and has taught Interpersonal Communication. She earned a master’s degree in Speech Communication from Cal State Northridge and earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Barbara.

he is a professional speaker and spoke at Tedx Conejo, Tedx Walnut, Tedx South Hills High. She has presented on stage with an Emmy-winning filmmaker, talking about forgiveness as result of her book on Random Acts of Kindness. Her signature talk is” Breaking Cultural Differences”. She also has a program called “Reach out vs Strike Out” targeted to stopping school violence. Her second book is “Dogs and Roses: Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Today’s Troubled Times”.


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in today’s rush and hurry world, we all need a way to find grace. My gift to the world, is this book on “Random Acts of kindness”, you will read this book, and your life will be change on the simple things we can do. From a smile, to opening up the door, from my heart to yours, I truly hope that you enjoy my book, “Random Acts of Kindness for changing the world. -Rosalyn Kahn

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