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Mathew, J. LeDuc, South Hills High School Home of the Huskies
Rosalyn and I first met in 2015 at TEDx event at South Hills High School. She worked very closely with the student leaders on our campus and hosted a moving and impactful speech the night of the event. Her words were both inspiring and powerful as she challenged our audience and student body. Rosalyn was a way of motivating those she surrounds and making a greater difference in the lives she touches.
I speak very highly of Rosalyn, not just because she came to South Hills High School to host our TEDx event but also because her words become actions. Shortly after the TEDx event Rosalyn asked to become more involved with our student body. She found out a student was in need of a lap top and she went through every channel she could to find a lap top that could be used by one of our students. It was an exhausting search yet she always found a way to keep the quest positive and her passion never ceased.
I am very grateful for the long lasting relationship that she has created between herself and South Hills and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Mathew, J. LeDuc, Activities Director South Hills High School


Crowd at Family Empowerment Event


Jessica 9th Grader
I liked the way you said “Si se puede!”I liked how you inspired the audience with your journey.

Nathan RF Kennedy High

I felt it could help motivate me in the future.

Carla B.
I liked the part when you sang the song.

I usually don’t pay attention to speakers but since you were a college speaker—I listened.

Benjami 9th Grade, Mark Keppel High


Keynote Speaker Rosalyn Kahn with entertainer Jenny Kim

Your talk helped me with life and my future goals.

Your speech gave me the feeling you can things that are wrong. You have the potential to let your voice be heard. (Photo)

Jose, 12th Grade. Civitas
I liked when you mentioned all the things can change.

Ashley 9th Grade Civitas
I enjoyed hearing how other felt by the inspiration of helping other to change their lives. It was interesting to hear how you help others out.

Jessica 9th
You inspired me to help a friend, <get out>of a  gang

Joanna 12th Grade
You gave a lot of tips to help us grow n and show us how to become a success in our future jobs and careers.

I liked your singing it was better than I could do!



Public Speaking is a critical skill for college students

According to the Book of Lists, the number one fear in the world is speaking in front of an audience, but for Speaker, Author and Speech Communication Professor Rosalyn Kahn, delivering speeches is her passion.

As TEDx featured speaker, her talks have been seen by students and teachers worldwide. Her engaging, infectious style is a joy for any audience to watch.

As a college professor, she has been teaching students to duplicate her methods for more than 15 years, and nothing makes her happier than sharing the secrets of speaking success.

Over the years she has taught thousands, including other TEDx speakers, how to present with style. She will help you and your students learn to:

Connect with an audience

    1. Whether it is an interpersonal encounter or a job fair
    2. Set the stage to appropriately respond in an interviewer panel
    3. Learn how to craft a message that addresses a one on one relationship using proper eye contact to establish connections
    4. Students will also learn to magnify and enlarge the gestures and connect with audience.

Deliver a top notch presentation to one or one, small groups, employee or manager

    1. Students will learn the tools to deliver a targeted message.
    2. Students will gain the knowledge to use body language to capture the boss/client’s attention.
    3. Students will establish eye contact to connect and resonate with business professional.
    4. Students will learn the power of  voice to engage the audience to follow through on their requests.

Speak to an audience with ease

    1. Students will learn when sitting interview to: maintain eye contact, answer questions succinctly and clearly, speak with comfort and ease to develop rapport.
    2. Student will establish the confidence to engage in relationships to negotiate their desired outcome.
    3. Student will learn to talk with confidence be seen as serious candidate in job market.

Achieve the best possible position for their skill level

    1. Learn the five key areas to obtain a job offer
    2. Establish strategies in combination with systems to follow through on their intended plans.
    3. Create an action plan to achieve their goals.
    4. Learn ways to get back on track when thing don’t go in the right direction
    5. Celebrate successes in the process to the long term goal.
    6. Achieving a balance between work, home, and life.

Rosalyn is now available to speak at your college or university, revealing how truly simple it can be to speak in public with passion and ease. Contact her today at 818-730-0441 or and be inspired!

“Rosalyn is a warm endearing speaker with a true desire to inspire.” Jen Bloom, Santa Monica Rep Director of Education and Community Outreach[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


Girls were given a different way of thinking of issues and problems.Appreciated your  enthusiasm and liked how you incorporated basketball and showed interest in them.

Abel Juarez, Coach, Belmont High School Girls Basketball Team

Rosalyn Kahn is an enthusiastic speaker who imparts a personal and moving impact in her presentations.   Rosalyn connects with her audience to open their hearts and minds to moving experiences and possibilities.

Tony Prestby, Ed.D., Director of Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring Programs, Santa Monica College

From Student Veterans event, 5-14-14
Santa Monica College

She helped connect her message into my daily life. I just wished it were long.
Robert Gutierrez, Journalism

I loved stories very inspiring. Wonderful.
Farideh Noui, Child Dev.

Very passionate and enthusiastic speaker.
Manny Tejeda, Biology

I enjoyed how you were able to express so much emotion in your speech.
Evie Sanchez

I love how you know how to  catch your audience’s attention. Your tone and gestures are amazing.
Ivette Leon

“You can be your own best friend or worst enemy. Make decisions wisely.” I enjoyed everything!
Jennifer Garcia

Enthusiasm is very clear when she speaks.
Enrique Sanchez Miranda

Loved comment  sheet at the end where everyone passed a sheet around and shared positive comment about a peer.
Jeremy Morgan, Poly Science

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A Tribute to Muhammid Ali from Public Speaking Class at Santa Monica College Spring 2016–How I Want to be Remebered



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