Over the years, I have coached a wide range of people from all ages and cultural backgrounds to become successful speakers. Teaching and training over the last decade has made coaching second nature to me.

To the right are videos of a few student clients who, just like you, faced their fear of public speaking and overcame their difficulties to become confident, inspirational speakers through hard work and personal one-on-one coaching.

We all have different needs. While I can help anyone meet their goals, it’s important to the coaching process that we are both willing to work together to accomplish them. If you are ready to become an accomplished public speaker, contact me.

Let’s find out if I am the coach for you. Lets start a conversation about fulfilling your needs…together!

“The enthusiastic audience participation and positive feedback provided proof of the pudding.” – Eliana Gilad


How to Find Your Ideal Coach

The best way to find out if a coach and fit your needs is to sit down together and get to know each other.

Here are five important questions to consider as we discuss working together:

  • 1. Will your coach help you focus on your individual needs to achieve your best business results?

  • 2.Are you comfortable with this person and willing to allow them to become a trusted member of your business team?

  • 3. Will your coach help you set a specific goal and a time frame to achieve that goal and hold you accountable as you progress towards your vision?

  • 4. Will your coach push you harder than you would push yourself to help you to find the balance between frustration and motivation that will achieve your outcome?

    • 5. Will your coach ask you the questions you are afraid to ask yourself to uncover the core of what you want to accomplish?

    If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” you have found a coach who will help you achieve your goals.

    Accomplishments of my clients from TedX Santa Monica, January 2013

    Sam Reiss

    Sam is currently a Junior at Crossroads High School where he is Student Body Vice President and President of Teen Aids Ambassadors. Sam discovered his passion for service when a group of Tanzanian orphans visited his school in 2007. This encounter prompted him to co-found Kids for Tunahaki, an organization that raised funds to build a much needed home for these children. In 2010, Sam raised the funds to sponsor an award-winning soccer program for orphans in Rwanda. In 2011, Sam founded X-Change the World, a project that uses an online educational platform to connect students in America with students across the world. It aims to bring English speaking skills—and other educational opportunities—to underprivileged youth, and life-long, cross-cultural friendships to students both here and abroad. He speaks fluent Swahili. Check out X-Change the World at xchangetheworld.com


    Laura Selman

    Lauren is a producer, award winning director and environmental consultant, and the founder of Reel Green Media. She has worked on live events including the Emmys, Olympics, ESPYs and Golden Globes. Her environmental work on Benjamin and Peter Bratt’s “La Mission,” earned an Environmental Media Award. She was recently named the People’s Choice and Miss Congeniality at the Miss Malibu USA pageant for running a completely eco-platform and was nominated for the LA Business Journal Woman Making a Difference. Lauren now leads sustainability and leadership workshops and shares her documentary “Greenlit,” which examines the environmental impact of entertainment, with colleges around the country.

    At 19, Lauren rode her bicycle nearly 4,400 miles across the United States with Habitat Bicycle Challenge and helped raise over $250,000 for Habitat for Humanity.

    Kim Mitchell

    Growing up as an African American child in a single parent household in Inglewood, CA, Kim Mitchell was told by the media that children like her couldn’t make it. Although she was a straight A student in school, her high school English teacher wrote that college would be a difficult challenge for her. In spite of obstacles, Kim successfully completed Stanford University in four years and went on to earn two master’s degrees from UCLA. Kim shares her compelling story of how she learned to define her own limits and defy expectations.

    She travels and speaks internationally, sings, and is an adjunct professor. Kim is a contributing author to Inspiration to Realization Volume II. Her chapter is entitled, “Living Your Soul Print.”


    My Speech Coaching Clients






    X-Change The World: Sam Reiss at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

    Addicted to Making A Difference: Lauren Selman at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

    Living the Limitless Life: Kim Mitchell at TEDxYouth@SantaMonica

    Your Voice, Make it Heard: Eliana Gilad at TEDxVailWomen