My Depth of Gratitude

This past week, I had some amazing people who really brightened by world. This past Monday, I was helping my webdesigner from www.Zerigo.con Technology who heard my frustration and wanted to make sure I found out the answer I needed.

It wasn’t a day later or a dollar shorter I like to add, I was at school when a student approached after class and said, “Did you get the message our classmate sent and said he would not be in school. I look down to my phone and to my horror, I find my phone has deleted the email to that college.

You may ask, “Why horror” I only have been down to see them more times than I would like to remember in this term just to be able to access that school’s email on my photo. The head of IT replies after playing with it. “You will have to go to the Apple Store this is beyond my talents.

Dying would have been easier. I didn’t have two hours to spare at the Apple store. I bored the elevator feeling no better than ant ready to be squashed when another guy in my elevator asks, “How is going?” I reply if only I could figure out why my phone won’t allow me to access this college. He replies, “Let me look at it for you!” Two moments
later T- Mobile had fixed my problem. I was so happy, I gave him a huge hug.

This same day, I got home to learn in life’s master plan I had left my battery charger for my computer at Los Angeles City College.

My next task was to figure out a way to retrieve it without going back to college. Thus, I called the chair who connected me three people later to my colleague who would bring the piece out to Pasadena and after my meeting with Top Producer’s Master Mind, I could retrieve it after my 1Opm meeting.

I did collect it and was exhausted that night at 11pm. I was so grateful to all these people who had gone out of their way to brighten up my day.

Who has done something nice for you? What would you tell me, if you had forgotten to say it at that time?


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